22 October 2015

rumah sewa selangor needed (266)


Type: flat


Price: RM500-550

Email: afifelias89@gmail.com

Contact No: 0137535752

bakal berkahwin feb 2016. mencari rumah sewa sekitar shah alam atau kota kemuning.

15 October 2015

rumah sewa selangor needed (265)

Needy: Muhamad Afiq

Type: flat

Location: Bangi, Sg Merab, Dengkil, Kg. Dato Abu Bakar Baginda

Price: RM500-600

Email: afiqhalim.iium@gmail.com

Contact No: 013-2655010

Pasangan berkahwin,
Kemasukan Disember 2015/ Januari 2016
Muslim, dan jaminan bayaran menepati masa.
Berhampiran MPOB Bangi/ UPM Serdang

07 October 2015

rumah sewa perak needed (6)

needy: wani

Type: terrace/ link/ townhouse

Location: ipoh

Price: RM400

Email: wanipathi@gmail.com

Contact No: 01136021801

memerlukan rumah sewa di sekitar kawasan ipoh. harap dapat membantu

06 October 2015

rumah sewa selangor needed (264)

Needy: MNA Outdoor

Type: terrace/ link/ townhouse needed

Location: Kg. Dato Abu Bakar Baginda, Serdang

Price: 500-900 MYR/ month

Email: nazimwr@gmail.com

Contact No: 019-6113730

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Oktober/November 2015
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03 October 2015

News: Cautions for First-time House Buyers

Taken from: www.thestar.com.

First-time home buyers should ensure they meet the affordability criteria before buying a home to avoid taking on a debt burden they cannot handle.

Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz said banks had provided individuals “many flexible ways” for them to meet the affordability requirements.

“They must, and if they can, demonstrate even if they are sole proprietors and they are not employed in any organisation or corporation that they can prove that they have met the affordability criteria in many different ways. Banks have given that flexibility.

“It’s worse when somebody buys a house and in the end, he or she is not able to have the basic needs because of the debt burden they have taken on,” she said on the sidelines of the Malaysia-OECD High-Level Global Symposium.

She added that it was worse if the first-time home buyer was not able to service the loan in the end. “The house will be repossessed and they can end up in bankruptcy. We certainly don’t want that to happen,” she said.