27 December 2014

Flood 2014

rumahsewa4u is so saddend with the tragedy that takes place in some parts of Malaysia especially Kelantan.

To the victim, you are the strongest. May God give you strength.

To the non-affected people, let us do our best to help. Morale boost, time, money and energy to name a few.

To volunteers, only God can pay you.

To the leaders, hope you can drive something on preventive measure. If Japanese can deal with their inpredictable earthquake, we should do better with our yearly flood.

rumah sewa selangor needed (252)

Name: suzana

Type: flat

Location; petaling jaya

Price: RM500/600

Email Address: suzanayati951016@gmail.com

Contact No: 0129414894


 Mencari rumah sewa...area petaling jaya..atau  berdekatan dengan nya..